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Donations -An Alliance with the Heart of the Forest

Please select from the projects below to learn more and donate directly to that project 

Since its formation in 2017, The Deep Forest Foundation (DFF) relied solely on the funding of its generous founders. However, we realized that, with the support of the world community, we can affect change at a faster pace and do more for the people who share so much love and wisdom from the forest and protect this most valuable resource. We like options and are happy to offer you a choice as to where you support goes. Donations are valuable, but so is spreading the word. Sharing our mission with your friends and family is a great way to inspire. Thank you for you support and care. 

Una Shubu Dau Yuxibu Kayawa

Project Dieta Center & Educational Support Structures 

Community Cultural Center

  • Ceremonial malokas (structure reserved for ceremony) – 10X10 meters round

  • 6  Accommodations for Pajés (Shamans)- 10 x 5 meters with 2 rooms inside and balcony in front.

  • 5  Modules of 2 Eco Toilets,  10 toilets total -1,70 x 2,70 meters.

  • 2  Kitchens for preparation of dieta foods for Pajés and participants


Deep Forest-Clear Water

Equipment & Training

for Indigenous Clean Water Services

See completed projects here:

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