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Deep Forest-Clear Water

Equipment and Education

for Indigenous Clean Water Services

After successfully funding several clean water projects for the Huni Kuin (Kaxinawá) and Yawanawá peoples of the western Amazon rainforest, it's become clear that something more is needed. A large portion of the funds raised typically goes to outsource a well drilling company for their labor and use of their equipment.  In recent conversation with Vinicius Romão, co-founder of APOTI (Associação Povos da Terra "Peoples of the Earth Association") it was clear that the community can provide this service for themselves. This will greatly cut down on their costs as well as reduce any risk from exploitation and disease from the "outside world". Through this campaign, we aim to raise funds to purchase well digging equipment and provide training opportunities for local indigenous people so that they may dig their own wells and share this resource with their neighboring tribes. 

Project Goals

  1. Purchase the necessary equipment to dig clean water wells and to build their necessary support structures. These will be used under the guidance of APOTI to support indigenous tribes in the vicinity of the Jordão and Taraucá rivers.

  2. Provide educational support to train local indigenous peoples on the proper use of equipment and the execution of providing sustainable clean water well systems for their communities. 

Project Implementation

Association proposing the Project: Associacão Povos da Terra, Main office São Paulo – Brazil. Branch Tarauacá – Acre, Brazil.     

Coordination of the project: Marcos Vinicius Romão- President of Associaçao Povos da Terra, Rich D'Amaru- DFF project manager



100% of your donation goes toward the implementation of the Clear Water Project and empowers the Amazonian Indigenous to provide clean water for their communities

See our completed projects here:


Photos from recent water project funded by DFF in Boa Sorte

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