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The Land of Forgotten Songs is a cinematographic project in progress and is the first, from a series of films which the Deep Forest Foundation to portray the various  cultural diversities of indigenous people

20 July 18

The Deep Forest Foundation Archive is created in order to document the stages and processes, of all the Deep Forest Foundation projects

11 June 18
6 Jun 19

During the summer of 2018, after working together for nearly 5 years, DFF welcomed the Huni Kuin to share in a cultural event held in the city of Berlin. We were honored to host many key spiritual members of the tribe in such a diverse city.

The Land of
Forgotten Songs
DFF Presents: The Video Archive
 The Land of Forgotten Dreams Pt 1
4 Aug 19

Continuing from Eps.5, DFF meets with the Huni Kuin in Berlin. APOTI member as well as DFF friend and liaison, Vinicius Romao, offers gratitude and an introduction of the representatives that joined us for the exhibition.

 The Land of Forgotten Dreams Pt 2
26 Aug 19

Following the presentation in Berlin, summer 2018,  where the Huni Kuin offered blessings at a gallery event which displayed incredible photography and videography of their village and neighboring tribes in the  DFF film "Land of Forgotten Songs"

 The Land of Forgotten Dreams Pt 3
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