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“… to preserve the universal wisdom of indigenous traditions.”


The Deep Forest Foundation has recently approved a new project application from the Associação Povos da Terra to build a place of learning in the village of Boa Vista


The Deep Forest Foundation recently participated in a preparatory workshop for the first Huni Kuin women’s wisdom gathering.


Deep Forest recently raised funds to buy 50 hectares of land in the Peruvian jungle to create a large plantation of medicinal plants, herbs and trees.

Vision and Mission

Modern civilization and it's consumer-driven lifestyle are taking a heavy toll on this planet. That is why the DFF is championing indigenous people and their way of life as the last remnant of a truly sustainable human culture, one defined by a profoundly harmonious relationship with Nature.


The Deep Forest Foundation was founded in 2017 to provide philanthropic assistance to indigenous people throughout the world with the aim of strengthening their communities, preserving their traditions and protecting their native lands

Recent Projects


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